Special Announcement – Open Studios + like over 10 Openings & Parties at the Art Colony on Sat 8-25

Santa Fe Art Colony – DON’T MISS THIS ONE! 

Something like over 10 Openings, Parties, etc, plus plenty of Open Studios in just one location!

https://laartinfo.wordpress.com/2017/08/03/special-announcement-open-studios-like-over-10-openings-parties-at-the-art-colony-on-sat-8-25/  or as a shortlink  http://wp.me/p8gGTo-jd



Studio C & SFAC Open Studio Event, featuring: Lillian Abel, Dawn Arrowsmith, Julie Arnoff, Mary Bonic, Fatemeh Burnes, Trine Churchill, Deity, Mike Dommermuth, Don Lewis, Maxwell McMaster, Bill Neal, Peggy Nichols, Ewa Pietaszak, Francesco Siqueiros and Peter Wowkowych. More SFAC residents artists will also be showing their work in their studios during this event. A Figurative Painting Class will be in session at Studio C for a portion of the time, from 11 am to 3 pm. Informal discussion at 3pm in the courtyard. Get a self-guided tour map, available at Studio C.
On view: August 5 to varied dates, 2017

Open Studio Event, Openings and Art Parties
Santa Fe Art Colony
2349 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles CA 90058 [next to E. 25th St]
Map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/2349+S+Santa+Fe+Ave,+Los+Angeles,+CA+90058/@34.0160612,-118.2328653,17z


The Santa Fe Art Colony is a live / work studio complex in downtown Los Angeles whose residents are professional artists making, teaching and promoting art in the region and the world. The annual open studios have been run by residents of the art colony since 1988. The original brick portion of the Santa Fe Art Colony was built in 1906 by entrepreneur C.B. Van Vorst, and was used as a mattress factory until the 1940’s. In 1988 the complex was renovated and developed into artists’ lofts by a group of partners.

“A hidden neighborhood located on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Some have the pleasure to visit and collaborate with fellow artist’s at one of the spaces in the colony. Fifty-Seven in total, it’s private, quiet, a place to get work done.”

Here is a  slideshow showing of one piece for each participating artist:


Here is their official announcement:

Maiden LA Event at Santa Fe Art Colony [SFAC] – Upcoming Studio Walk-Thru Date. Saturday, August 5th Noon to 5 pm

The Santa Fe Art Colony in Downtown LA is a hidden gem, a true enclave of art and creativity nestled in a bustling industrial area. While many people are familiar with the art galleries located between high end salons and boutiques on the Westside, few people are familiar with the unique creative spaces that artists live and work in.  SFAC is thrilled to announce our upcoming event in conjunction with Maiden LA

Maiden LA is an inclusive and expansive county-wide survey of art happenings that in encouraging the use of alternative spaces, considers the city as a platform for generative discourse and exchange. Maiden LA is an egalitarian program aiming to dissolve hierarchies by including artists, collectives, curators, galleries, museums, et cetera. Maiden LA‘s relevance is amplified in today’s political climate, as our ethos is one that eschews corporate backing and is accessible to artists who find it




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