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[This is the Mission Statement page of the Art Openings – Art Parties – Art Events section of www.laart.info – currently accessible at www.laartinfo.wordpress.com ].

Mission Statement:   Laart.info strives to offer you the most complete possible Los Angeles Area Listing of Art Openings and Art Parties, that open to the public, and other no-charge Art Events. We do so in the most practical and immediately action-able manner, with absolutely NO overt or covert advertising, advertorials, etc.

Just clean, accurate and usable information,
that any stakeholder in the Art World can use as they see fit.


Why? We focus on this acting on the belief that regardless of you being an artist, gallery owner, collector, investor, or any type of art professional or serious art amateur, attending Art Openings and Art Parties is your lifeline to understanding “What’s Happening in Art” right now in Los Angeles, the location arguably in the process of becoming the “Art Capital of the World”, the Paris of the XXIst Century.

Why specifically Art Openings and Art Parties?

Art for the sake of Art” is Poiesis in Action, a highly valuable, but by its own nature, private form of expression. It’s value is intrinsic, as its function and value does not depend on the level at which it is shared, or not shared.

However, the moment Artists decide to share their Art with others, and particularly with society-at-large, Art becomes a social endeavor loaded with meaning”. As such, it takes place in and to some extent in turn shapes consensual reality.

Even more so, when an Artist endeavors to make a living as an Artist, or when any Art Lover endeavors to make a living in any manner in the Art World, Art becomes not only a social, but also an economical enterprise. In that sense, volens nolens [that is, whether they want it or not], any artist and anyone directly or indirectly involved in the “Art Trade” becomes an “entrepreneur”, except perhaps Art Collectors who truly would give no consideration whatsoever to the potential monetary value of the art they collect.

Once “sharing with the public-at-large” and “making a living with Art” come in the picture, Art Openings, Art Parties and Art Events become of fundamental importance.

This might not be self-evident to everyone, but is none the less true. Reason for this is that Art Openings are usually at Galleries. Now think of what a gallery is… a venue that is expensive to create and to maintain, sometimes horrendously so, and which consequently can not survive without *selling art*. Thus, a gallery has to, must keep in touch with economic reality. It is vital for gallery owners or managers to be in tune with what’s working, what’s trending, where the world of Art as an economic endeavor is heading to. Otherwise, their gallery won’t exist for too long, unless it is otherwise well-funded either as a vanity endeavor, or some sort of community service.

Consequently, Art Openings and Art Parties are your lifeline with all the above, that is, what’s working, what’s trending, where things are heading to, offering you such practical insights in the most congenial atmosphere, and at no costs to you whatsoever. [If there is a charge, it’s not an Opening or Party, it’s a paying “event”, and aside of very few such events of particular significance, such as a few yearly-recurring art shows, it’s unlikely to be even listed here.]

If you want to connect with what’s going on, get infused with it, and remain in tune, so to be able, if you so desire, to act upon the knowledge you so gained, here in Los Angeles, you owe it to yourself to go to several art openings and art parties a week. The more, the better.

In most place, events such as Art Openings or Art Parties only happen once in a blue moon. But here in LA, you are in a super-privileged position, and effectively can attend DOZENS of such event every week!

Here at LAart.info, our goal is to EMPOWER YOU by offering you the most comprehensive and easiest-to-use gateway to find out what’s going on and what your choices are.

And this is done as a community service, on a not-for-profit basis. As a conduit to empower Artists, the Art Trade, Collectors and Investors, and Museum and Public Collections Administrators.





De omnia re scibili about WHAT’S HAPPENING on THE ART SCENE in LOS ANGELES & CALIFORNIA, with sub-sites exploring what makes or breaks an Artist, what serves best the Art Trade, Collectors and Investors, aiming at providing YOU with all you need to BE ALL YOU CAN BE as an Artist, Collector or Investor or Member or the Art Trade and Art Community. [Please note: While already the most comprehensive listing of Art-related Event in Southern California, this site is still in construction, preparing for a major PR and public awareness campaign in January 2018.]

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